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Here is a little bit about myself! Born in Malta I have always been a sea lover, the sea is my place of refuge. A second home, the zone where I so naturally unwind and feel free. I FREEDIVE every chance I get! All year around.

I took apnea to a higher level in 2010 when I returned back from my 5 year soul finding pilgrimage. Back on the rock and teaching Meditation I naturally took to the sea. With a group of close friends I completely swallowed the FREEDIVING BUG and got hooked! 


Not long after I met my good friend and former freediving world champion- Jesper Stechmann. Under his guidance we formed the first FREEDIVING center & company in Malta & Gozo. Two and a half years later I decided to set up my own center.

I Love to teach and help others to ease into the serenity of FREEDIVING and SPEARFISHING. I also teach Meditation and Survival.

In 2017 we set up Malta's first FREEDIVING competition, I took part in free immersion, winning a Gold medal at 42m.


what to expect from our courses

Get ready for an awesome experience, inside and out!

Freediving is a combination of MEDITATION and ADVENTURE.  Very few experiences in life come close to the JOY of FREEDIVING. You will learn how to RELAX while under pressure and swim like a DOLPHIN, among the many other freediving TECHNIQUES. 

The Day starts 8.30 am with THEORY and BREATHING EXERCISES. Then we usually proceed to a water session which may be confined or at sea.

Lunch break at noon, with time to digest and relax after. 

Around 14:00 we start with some more theory and exercises and then proceed to another water session. The whole activity usually finishes around 18:00 - depending.

I am a flexible teacher, meaning that my student/s come first. I believe in transferring the SPIRIT of freediving as well as the 'know how'. From my experience as a freediving instructor, I know that freediving usually happens as a calling, its not just an activity. On this note I would like to welcome you home, to the sea, where all life began!


I had been freediving on my own for a while, and thought I knew what I was doing. Doing the course with Luke took me to a whole new level. It gave me the technique and confidence I was missing. I learned how to go beyond my limits safely. And we did all this in a fun relaxed way, while Luke made sure I was understanding everything. Having Luke be there to guide me made me feel safe to find my own limits! And all this happened in the crystal clear seas of Gozo, which is a luxury just to be in!



Tel: +356 7932 6871

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