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Updated: Feb 10, 2018

Mostly for beginners, rest assured their is reason behind all of them!

Here is a quick Checklist

  • Do not hyperventilate before a dive

  • Do not dive alone

  • Do not dive on a full stomach or high or drunk

  • Do not dive if it doesn’t feel right

  • Do not dive after a samba, blackout, sick, coughing blood, dizziness, vertigo, ear pain.

  • Do not attempt to break your depth record by a sudden large distance, do it 1m at a time if possible.

  • Don’t dive with snorkel in your mouth (In the event of a blackout your mouth will automatically close so that water does not get in, if your snorkel is in your mouth water will get in)

  • Don’t dive without a quick release weight belt.

  • Don’t dive naked if there are many jellyfish!

Please leave your comments

A safe diver is a happy one :)

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