becoming a Master Freediver is a journey of self discovery

5 day master course

the name says it all. you will master advanced techniques and learn how to go deep. after this course you would have learnt all the skills to go beyond 30m safely. 

requirements to pass
complete Advance course
mouth fill technique
3.30min static
20m rescue
75m dynamic
beyond 30m depth
written exam
if you are interested in this course we would like to hear from you. please send us an email for more info.


I had been freediving on my own for a while, and thought I knew what I was doing. Doing the course with Luke took me to a whole new level. It gave me the technique and confidence I was missing. I learned how to go beyond my limits safely. And we did all this in a fun relaxed way, while Luke made sure I was understanding everything. Having Luke be there to guide me made me feel safe to find my own limits! And all this happened in the crystal clear seas of Gozo, which is a luxury just to be in!



Tel: +356 7932 6871

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